New build 1000-1500$ Need Opinions/Feedback/Advice

Heysa guys! First post here so be nice :p
Im looking for an upgrade for my pc since it's been a while and im sitting with a gtx 260 which doesn't handle the newer games that good :p

Budget around 1000-1500, as im not quite sure when and where to expand or go cheaper. Looking for some good bang for the buck gear.


Approximate Purchase Date: Don't got anything exactly, since my laptop can run the must games on pretty good quality. But i can proabably wait till around summer.

Budget Range: I'm thinking around 1000-1500$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Mostly gaming, some recording/streaming, i was thinking about doing some Photoshop work in the future but currently i suck at it :p.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, speakers, Case, storage HDD, and probably PSU, Win

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: From Denmark so i'll probably just buy the stuff around here. but newegg would be fine for show off.

Country: Denmark

Parts Preferences: Intels CPU, nothing else really...

Overclocking: Yes / Probably (If i'm sure what im doing)

SLI or Crossfire: No / Maybe (Haven't used dual gpus before so got no experience whatsoever with this)

Monitor Resolution: Current: 1680x1050. Haven't thought about getting a new one, thoughts?

Additional Comments: Noise doesn't really bother me much.

Some parts and info for now: Google Docs new Build

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  1. Also i would like to know your opinions on which SSD i should get, i've narrowed down to these four so far:|20-147-134^A0FU_1_20120418_3284953%23%2C20-148-448^20-148-448-TS%2C20-227-791^20-227-791-03%23%2C20-233-226^20-233-226-TS%2C20-167-093^20-167-093-TS

    Feel free to add anything.
  2. OCZ Vertex 4 if the controller proves itself. I personally would go with the Crucial M4.
  3. Anyone else got any thoughts about the above?
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