Due to popular demand i thought id start this thread for those of us who own the SHIRE HORSES of the CPU world, thats right there not the quickest stallions out there but they get the heavy work load done.

So thats for anybody out there who owns an AMD X6 CPU including a 960T thats been successfully unlocked to an X6 (1600T). You can come on here with any questions thoughts comments about your X6s or simply to say HI and tell us about your X6 rig and post pics.

Personally i have 3 working AMD X6 rigs
1100t OCd to 4ghz with a GTX580
1090t Ocd to 3.8ghz with a GTX560ti
1075t @ stock with a GTX550....

Heres a link to my X6 MAN CAVE. (AS THE WIFE CALLS IT)

1100t rig

1090t rig

1075t rig
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  1. Looks great and organized really, I like the side windows.
  2. ilysaml said:
    Looks great and organized really, I like the side windows.

    I notice you got your 1055t to 4ghz, thats a great result, so come on are you going to show us yours?
  3. Ok I promise you that soon within 2-3 days.
  4. That front window looks awesome. I'll do some pictures over the weekend nothing special though just a HAF-X with some lurid lighting
  5. I'm working on mine. I got a Phenom II 1045T that came with an HP and I got a new board for it an Asrock Xtreme, new cooler and a new case. I was able to overclock it a little despite it not being a BE CPU and it's pretty good. It is a little slow compared to my I5 but it's still a good CPU. It's good enough for a backup gaming computer.
  6. Hi.
    1055T @ 3.8Ghz
    V6GT cooler
    16GB ram
    Raid0 three Samsung 830's 128's (might drop to two) - boot & source
    Raid0 dual Samsung F3 1tb - Storage
    Raid0 dual WD 320's - scratch and backup storage.
    GTX460 1gb
    on a gigabyte 890fxuda motherbd
    all nicely wrapped in an AMD edition Haf932.

    I bought this mainly to work with all the videos I take of my grandkids (8 of them) and light gaming.

    ps - you know your addicted to Skyrim when you start to pull over to pick some blue & red wildflowers you spotted on the side of the road. LOL
  7. I still have a AMD sempron 3500+ manila :cry: :lol: ?
  8. jay_nar2012 said:
    I still have a AMD sempron 3500+ manila :cry: :lol: ?

    Get on ebay and get your X6 upgrade.
  9. Uther39 said:
    Get on ebay and get your X6 upgrade.

    Get 6 Semprons?
  10. I've got a Phenom II X6 1090T clocked at 3.8Ghz paired with a 6770, can't provide any pictures as I'm not home right now.
  11. I have the 1100T and clocked to 4.2ghz stable with the H100, This thing runs warm tho with the CPU-NB Overclock as well, I never once had a problem with running anything. I run a home file server which I only dedicated a few cores to, And then I play games like BF3 as well with no problem with my HD5850.

    This pics were taken with my phone, so don't mind the bad quality.

    Lapping the 1100T, dropped temps by 12C
  12. Whats with the massive picutres?
  13. jay_nar2012 said:
    Whats with the massive picutres?

    Didn't think they were that big, but I try to edit the post and say im not allowed to edit my own post, retarded
  14. Viking2121 said:
    Didn't think they were that big, but I try to edit the post and say im not allowed to edit my own post, retarded

    Press the middle symbol not the left one and see what you can do...
  15. jay_nar2012 said:
    Press the middle symbol not the left one and see what you can do...

    Nice! I was like wth is going on here, wouldn't allow me to edit my post, thanks!
  16. Viking2121 said:
    Nice! I was like wth is going on here, wouldn't allow me to edit my post, thanks!

    That kept happening to me then i press the middle one to see what happens and it worked, i even made a thread on it....
    (Sounds OTT but whatever).
  17. Nice to see all those X6 rigs, keep em coming, more pics please, and tell us your OCing techniques and what you use em for.
  18. 1055T everday at 3.8ghz vcore 1,44v .. my cooler is PCcooler ( best copy from spire thermaleclipse) :
  19. Does dual Opteron 8435's count?
  20. nigelren said:
    Does dual Opteron 8435's count?

    Show us some pics and well all vote on it.
  21. This what I use to get my 4.2ghz Overclock, its 5 hours stable with prime, I figured 5 hours was enough, I wanted to use my PC, lol.

  22. I only prime mine for 2 hours, as your PC in reality will never ever get stressed like it does in prime under a small fft test, i also do 2 hours of furmark though to make sure the whole system is tested.
  23. I have used basically every processor red or blue but there is something nostalgic about this chip, I don't know if it's the fact it represented the end of A64 architecture, the final evolution of it or whether its the way it grinds through work loads with very little stress on usage.

    Overclocking I have rarely pushed it beyond 3.8ghz but it is a fun chip to overclock, rather old school.
  24. I bought my 1100T for $180 USD then I couldn't find them again to upgrade another computer, even the 1090T you couldn't find, and if you did, its not gonna be cheap or at a decent price. Same when I bought my HD5850, I couldn't find another 1 to do crossfire, even a HD5830 is almost $300 USD for a used 1 now.
  25. Quote:
    can I be a related cousin who just pops in from time to time to say hi.?

    I'll take a 1090T or 1100T in exchange... :p

    Your love for the X6 is clear to see, so i hereby bring about a motion to make you an honour y member, we just need another X6 owner to 2nd it.
  26. Great stuff man keep em coming.

    See if we can get the mods too sticky us this thread.
  27. Funny about that benchmark tho, they used games that didn't take advantage of a multi-core CPU. AMD clocked the CPU-NB way to low on the phenom II line, If it were clocked properly it would actually give some of the Intel line a run for its money.
  28. I like keeping CPU's for context I traded up a 2500K, a 2600K with a working 60 multiplier obviously not retail for a 1100T, a few Athlon 64 x2's, 4 Magny Cours Opterons and supporting board. Stockpiling like a baws. What I still need is some 386's and Pentium 75/100 and some mobo's for them....

    Sold off some old test hardware gone back to a more modest setup for my rig, trying the 12.7 Catalyst drivers with a 6970 and X6 stock, BF maxed and it chugs out around 85FPS average thats around 12FPS more than 12.6.

    Gave away a 990X, feeling saintly.
  29. @sarinaide, OMG your goona have to be the X6 club hero, TRADED UP ALLL THOSE INTEL CPUs for an 1100t, you will have all those intel fans screaming at you.
  30. Quote:
    I remember at first I was so anti Thuban.....
    until Bulldozer came out.

    now if I can find one more 1090T / 1100T like I stated earlier, I'm not selling it again.
    even when build is done and time for an upgrade then I will just put it up for safe keeping.

    I use to be compleatly pro AMD until Bulldozer came out. Now if it's not a Phenom II I can careless. AMD's whole screw you attitude towards it's customers and all the hype they put out really turned me against AMD. I still love my 1045 T. Besides computers my other hobby is railfanning and collecting model trains. I see the six core Phenom II's like the old GE-U25b AKA U-boats. They were slow and ugly but if you needed freight hauled anywhere in the US the U-boats could do it.

    Rip the old U-boats they don't make freight locomotives like that anymore.

  31. CPU-z screen shots for/of what?
  32. Post a screen tonight
  33. I already put mine up, but here it is again.
  34. Quote:

    OK im gonna look a complete idiot now, i have CPUz on all my systems, how do i get thay nifty image called validator that you chaps have?
  35. big button says "validate" :)
  36. Although its wrong as my CPU is a 1075t.
  37. OK so heres my browsing torrent PC....

  38. uther39, In CPU-Z click on the validate and then after it brings you to a web page, copy below where it says "CPU-Z Forum Banner (BB Code below)". The whole thing so when you click on it, it will bring you to the Validate page giving more info about your setup. CPU-Z makes the writing to small even on a 1080p monitor I still have to look close. Like if you click on the CPU-Z under "wr6133" in his sig, it will bring you to another page with more of his system specs.
  39. wr6133 said:
    big button says "validate" :)

    I noticed you didn't clock the Bus and only used the multi. I was wounding if you clocked the CPU-NB up above 2000mhz default?
  40. Long day in the courtroom, I will get to it sometime soon, there is no time is of the essence rush is there.

    PS: I wants me a Gigabyte SOC 7970, as factory OC'd beast as it comes.
  41. NB was at 2800 for that. 4GHz its the highest I can go using a 212EVO. I'm running 3.6 (18*200) with NB @ 2600 currently with a freezer 7 pro (212 is on another machine atm).
  42. With my 4.2ghz clock and 2925mhz CPU-NB, Even the h100 can just keep it under 62C. I have had it go to 64C on low fan settings stress testing it, These things run hot after a cretin point, lol
  43. Quote:
    in relation to the thread and all the different Thuban builds...

    O I will when I get home. I'm on vaction right now so I can't.

  44. Everything stock, I use a 6970 more often to avoid bottlenecks. Don't have any cooling right now so cannot OC.
  45. The above 2 shots are the same ?
  46. Was playing with lower voltages this morning and settled on this for a while cant seem to get over 3.4GHz and be under 1.4V

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