1st gaming pc

Hi everyone, I need advice

I'm new to computer and gaming pc, this will be my first desktop
I just bought this gaming pc from Newegg for 950$

I was wondering when it arrive will it be all set and ready to turn on?

And can you give your opinion of this pc built? thanks
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  1. i think they spent too much money on the cpu giving it an i7 when it could have easily went into upgrading the 6850 gpu. with a similar budget, you could possibly build a better computer

    doing general estimations on how much it costed you:

    940$ their price-100$ 1tb drive-100$ os-18$ optical drive-140~150$ gpu-310$ cpu= 252~262$

    252~262$ is what your spending on the case+psu+mobo+mouse+keyboard

    say a decent mobo is ~150$, then you are spending 102~112$ on the case+psu+mouse+keyboard, which in combo deals, could easily be fit in somewhere.

    biggest thing though that i see is that the cpu could have been a 2500k and the excess ~100$ could have turned that 6850 into like a 560ti or something
  2. Thanks for the advice

    Its my first buy so :cry: what can i do right?

    Live and learn anyway thanks!
  3. Did you get it yet? If it hasn't shipped you can cancel the order. It will be okay and I bet you will like it but for the same price you could have gotten better.
  4. No it hasnt arrive yet, its coming on monday. And Newegg has a no return policy :fou: and will only allow exchange replacement.
  5. its fine. yeah as usual a prebuilt is rather expensive but as you said live and learn.

    a few words of advise. UPGRADE THE PSU! prebuilds are notorious for weak PSUs.

    you may either want to get another 6850 for cross fire or better yet sell the one in it and upgrade to a better card if you want better performance while gaming.

    still, its yours . .enjoy.
  6. can you explain what will the PSU do if I upgrade it?

    I think i can get 700 whats but Im not a tech pro so I'm unsure
  7. Well it just powers your system. The wall outlet puts out AC current, while computers need DC current the power supply converts the AC current into usable DC current. Problems can arise if the PSU is of bad quality and dies. There is a chance that along with it going the PSU could also take other more expensive components with it. If you don't change the computer at all you should be fine (changing it may void a warranty if there is one this is the reason for not changing it). But if you ever want to make changed, do replace the PSU.
  8. makeleletoulalan said:
    can you explain what will the PSU do if I upgrade it?

    I think i can get 700 whats but Im not a tech pro so I'm unsure

    it isn't the quantity but the QUALITY of a PSU.

    a 700 watt POS PSU can fail at 500 watts where as a 450 watts can handle an overload of 500 watts.

    i would like to suggest if you are locked into getting it. get it with the lower PSU so its cheaper. than get a better quality PSU ASAP.
  9. If you do want to replace the PSU, which is recommended, I would consider one of these for the best deals and a good PSU.
    If it has a motherboard that supports CF or if you want to upgrade to a better GPU in the future I would then get this PSU.
  10. You guys are awesome,
    but isn't there a requirement level of watts for the video card?

    If there's not will the 500watts one you linked me to be efficient?
  11. Well since I don't know the exact model/specs of the PSU in the computer I can't say for sure about the efficiency. But it will most likely be better for either of the PSU I linked, I doubt the one in the computer is 80+ rated at all.

    As for the minimum wattage any of those linked PSU are fine. Use this PSU calculator if you are still worried.
    As I said the 500w one can handle two of the cards if your motherboard can support CF.
  12. Great! I'll check it out thanks a lot! Should have gotten on here to ask for a better choice before buying :heink: !!!! its ok though
    THanks again
  13. No problem, glad I could help.
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