What's the best CPU/mobo for my setup?

Hey everyone!

I don't know much about hardware & components so I was looking for some help, unfortunately Google, my friends, and reviews are all against each other.

I just bought an XFX Radeon HD 7970 DD recently, and my CPU is heavily bottlenecking it. It's an AMD Phenom II X6 1060T.

I also have a fail Foxconn motherboard (didn't know this mattered back in the day,) and it doesn't allow me to overclock my CPU.

So I really have no idea what's the best motherboard and CPU for me.

What I have:

- 3 x 4GB of ram DDR3
- XFX Radeon HD 7970 DD. (Yes I want to crossfire some day in the future.)
- Foxconn 2A92, no bios updates, nothing can be done, Chinese labour camp mobo.
- AMD Phenom II X6 1060T @ 2.9 GHz

What I want:
- Best motherboard for heavy gaming
- Best Intel CPU for heavy gaming (Very CPU heavy gaming)
- I want it to last for a couple of years and not age too quickly. With PS4 coming next year, maybe we won't get dumbed down games for once.

Hopefully it's available @ ncix, it's the only store near by for this.
Also any detail about the features of the motherboard would be great, and I want it to support overclocking.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I play at 1080p, one monitor.
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    3570k and Z77 mother board just buy cpu as oem.
  2. 3570k and Z77 mother board just buy cpu as oem.
  3. (psst - its a 1065T you have)

    ditch 1 of the sticks of ram so you can run in dual-channel mode. Be sure you use the correct dimm slots on the motherbd.

    I would just get a motherboard that can be overclocked and an aftermarket cooler.
    The 1060t can overclock pretty nicely though you do it by the "upping the FSB" method instead of just raising the cpu multiplier.

    Otherwise it shouldn't bottleneck that GPU. You will run into games where they just dont run as well on AMD but thats not a bottleneck issue. Overclocking helps in those cases.

    1055T @ 3.8ghz myself.
  4. Unfortunately, I have no OC options for my AMD processor in bios, not even that FSB.

    I tried lowering the maximum cpu state by 5, 10 then 50 percent. They all effected my FPS. Lowering and increasing my GPU-related graphical settings didn't affect my FPS.

    I'm certain that my CPU is the problem.

    Is this a good one for my cause? :
  5. Moo..
  6. Anyone? QQ
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  8. I already knew you couldn't overclock which is why I said get a motherbd that does let you. That was your cheapest viable option.

    but if I were to upgrade today, the i5-3570k is way better than any current AMD option esp if you do any CPU intensive work.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I've decided to buy a:

    Intel Core i5-3570k
    MSI Z77A-GD80.
  10. Nice! Enjoy!
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