Need a new graphics card...i think

i just bought a new game and it's really choppy and slow. i have a hp pavillion dv5 - 1000us laptop and was wondering what graphics cards are out there or what i can do to improve gameplay
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  1. cant upgrade GPU on a laptop
  2. I don't get why people do that, they buy a laptop they know they can't game on, they then they ask whats the best GPU upgrade they can get. When by the time you have spent the money on a new GPU. you could have just gotten a better laptop with the GPU you want to upgrade to already on it for the amount you spent
  3. I was about to link you an external usb3.0/esata gpu solution but unfortunately according to this: this isn't a reliable option.
    The only thing you can do is to buy a cheap gaming desktop and keep the laptop for its portable use.
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