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Dual Graphics options.

Hey folks, I have been doing a lot of research the last few weeks, on and off on different websites. I have an MSI A75MA-G55 Motherboard, and the integrated graphics on my APU are obviously not as good as my cheap end Geforce GT520 Graphics card. My motherboard comes equipped with dual graphics enabled, now my question would be, are 2 GT 520s a decent dual graphics set up? I know its not going to be the best, obviously, what im wondering is, is it worth getting another GT 520 on my minimal budget, or should i leave it alone? I am coming from a system that was far from even good, an Alhena 5 motherboard, and Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ cpu, and no graphics card. it was my mothers ex husbands, so i built this system based on what people told me i could do, and with what little money i did have. So any thoughts would be extremely helpful.
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    Well my advice was going to be just run the single 520 for now and upgrade to a better single card later (try to sell the 520 for a little more cash), but looking at the motherboard it only supports Crossfire. This means you would need two AMD cards, but a 520 is an Nvidia card. So, you can't run two of them even if you wanted to.

    An AMD 6670 is around $75, and would be a nice upgrade for now. I'd probably suggest saving just a bit more and getting a card for around $100 like a 6770, which is a very capable card. Either card is way faster than a 520.
  2. Got ya. I am actually kind of disappointed with my GT 520, the person i talked to at Best Buy sent me in the very wrong direction. I may look into the other cards there, I am not exactly familiar with all of this yet, so i definitely need to look in to it more. thank you for the thoughts, it definitely saved me some money.
  3. Oh, don't go to best buy... I'd suggest first researching the best card for you, looking at retailers like Then search locally for any PC stores and see if they sell them. In the states there's stores like Fry's and Microcenter.
  4. Definitely no more Best Buy. I have done A TON of research through Newegg, and Tigerdirect, now i just have to make sure of compatibility to my system and if i can even afford any upgrades at the moment.
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