Gtx 560 ti no display??

can somebody please help me.. I have tried everything i bought new psu which is corsair 600w gaming , allright i connect my gtx 560 card to it and my display wont turn on the computer goes to windows but no display at all??? I tried it in another computer with 450 watts worked fine :/ .So i tried putting my old card back in which only require 1 6 pin and it worked perfectly... what could possible be going wrong ???????????????
I have a Xps 8300
i5 2310
6 gb memory ddr3
ati hd 6770(original) replaced with gtx 560 ti
gs600 corsair 600 w gaming
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  1. Had similar issue and it end up being a graphic card. It went dead in few weeks after initial symptoms lol

    So it works with 450W but not 600W PSU. Did you stress tested it on 450?
  2. no i just saw that the computer was starting up and i saw the bios menu and windows sign so i thought that was enough to tell me that the card wasnt the problem . I dont even see the bios when i try it with the 600 w psu i'm cluless just bought it today
  3. i checked idle at 25 and when in bf3 ultra 45-55 so the card seems to be working
  4. Well in that case the only thing that seems to be wrong is your new PSU. Return it or RMA it.
    In mean time use your old PSU.

    The issue I had was that when I put water block on my cards there was no picture but you could hear system booting and going into the windows but no display power. When I put stock cooler on card just magically worked but within a week it gave up and I had to RMA.
  5. well my old psu didnt even work just the card worked in a old computer i own, I experience the same problem when í added more memory to the 8300 computer everything went black until i decided to installed one memory card at a time ... pretty strange ... anyway i gave up , I was lucky to have nearly identical computer upstairs just the xps 8100 instead of the 8300, so i just installed my psu in that comp and the card and boom everything works like a magic . So i guess there some weird problems with the 8300 motherboard because it works very well when i just putted everything the way it was.. Maybe i should try returning it
  6. I'm also having this same problem.

    Asus Rampage Formula Mobo + 8800GT = everything works fine
    Asus Rampage Formula Mobo + new GTX560 = no display at all. No bios, no windows etc.. However, the machine is booting up with no audible errors. You can wait a minute or so after you power it on and actually type in your windows password it the windows logged on sound happens. So the machine things everything is happy, there is just no display.

    you can take this same video card out and put it in another machine and it displays just fine so it's not the vid card.

    Put the old card (8800gt) back in and the asus RF boots right back up with bios visible etc..
  7. first of all u have to disable the onboard gpu in bios then plug gtx 560 ti and also need require 2 6 pin power connector to run the card perfectly otherwise no diplay will be shown or u have to update the bios to new one which mobo does u have it
  8. No he does not need to disable on board gpu.

    What is your power supply? Did you connect the two PCIe 6-pin power connectors from your power supply to the graphics card?
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