Athlon x3 455 @ 3.58ghz vs unlocked phenom b55 @ 3.4ghz

i currently have a athlon x3 455 @ 3580mhz. i unlocked a core today and now it reads phenom b55 @ 3.3ghz stock. i can overclock the b55 to 3.4-3.5ghz safely on stock voltages.

voltages kind of confuesed me, are these safe voltages.

1. athlon x3 455 @ 3.58ghz, = 1.328v at 60 c on load.

2, phenom b55 x4 @ 3.4-3.5Ghz = 1.344v at 66 c on load

i know the phenom b55 temps are a little high but i will be adding 4 case fans @1200rpm to my case soon.

1. i did not touch the voltages. are both voltages at a stock voltage? and safe

2. cpuid says the phenom b55 is 126w cpu. is it ok if my mobo supports only 95w a 3 core its 95w as a unlocked 4 core it says 126w, please help.

mobo is msi 760gm p23
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  1. When you add an active core, the voltage should increase. There's nothing wrong. Get yourself a good aftermarket cooler to replace the stock cooler, tho. It'll help with the temps. As far as the 95W board, you will eventually lose a capacitor (or worse) if you keep the 4th core in use for very long.
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