Computer crashes [No signal detected, loud noise]

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Hello. I've been having this problem since I bought the computer in around eastern 2010. At first the problem was I was having Vertical lines crashes, but it got fixed by RMA the graphic card. After that everything worked fine with a new card (same model as the previous one). But the happiness didn't last long before I started to get the problem I am having right now. At first the problem would happend very randomlly and only once or twice on a month. Anyways as the time went by, the problem started to happen more often and less random. Usually when I was playing games. It didn't matter what games I played, even Counter-Strike 1.6 (which does not require almost any high specs). I'm not done yet, it could happend watching movies, surfing on the internet and stuff like that.

As I was saying the problem got really bad at november 2011. I had to send the computer back where I bought it (since I still have 3 years warranty). When the computer came back everything worked fine, and they said the computer didn't have any serious issues, but only small ones. So it worked fine 1 1/2 month and wouldn't crash at all, nor did I experience any bugs or hangs. I was very happy and could play hardcore without any crash for hours.

Now few days ago when I woke up I turned my pc on, and thats when the hell broke loose. My computer crashed in the middle of the loading screen. It was the same crash I've always had, nothing different. Basicly my computer's monitor would shut off "No signal detected" and then I would hear a extremelly loud noise inside my computer, as if the fans were running over maximum speed or if a yet was flying really low above our house. The computer is still on, and I can open the DVD and my keyboard + mouse are still on. But I can't do anything, and I've tried to wait to see if the computer would automaticly restart or shut down by itself, but it never happend. So everytime the computer crashes I have to force the computer off by holding the button down for few seconds before it would shut off completely. Usually if this happens I would need to expect few more crashes afterwards. As in loading screen, desktop, browsers or anywhere.. Now that it started to crash again, I was thinking of sending it back if I couldn't find any fixes for it, and maybe ask for a completely new computer parts. I have a hunch that it might be a hardware problem, because ever since I bought the computer I had problems. As I mentioned earlier about the vertical lines problem.

The vertical line problem was almost the same, only that the computer would not have the loud noise coming inside the computer, and that the screen wouldn't shut off. Instead it would show vertical lines with different colors. Also sometimes I would hear a very loud beep noise in my speakers. I also needed to force force the computer shutting off by holding the button. This problem was with the Radeon HD 5700 series graphic cards, because I googled and researched the problem and everyone who had the exact same problem had the same card. it didn't matter if it was 5800 or 5900, it would be the same problem.

When I did RMA the card I got the exact same model, which is XFX Radeon HD 5750. So I don't know if its the same problem as in the vertical lines, but in a different way. Because they do act almost the same. Only that this problem has the loud noise problem.

Here are my specs:

Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
AMD Athlon (tm) II X4 630 Processor 2.68 GHz
XFX Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5
MSI 770-C45, Socket-AM3, DDR3 ATX, AMD770+SB710, 4DDRIII, 1PCI-E*16, 2PCI
8GB Ram

if you guys have any idea what the problem could be, I would appreciate it if you could help me explain it to me. Does it sound like a graphic card problem to you guys?

Also I am very frustrated and stressed with this problem, and I almost have no patience left. I am also already thinking about buying a whole new computer. All though I hope to get it fixed, and not to mention it would be cheaper.

EDIT: I also upgraded my RAM from 2GB to 8GB, and I have had the same issue with both of the rams, so I doubt it could be a RAM problem. I've also not run any Memtests due to the fact it takes to long. I don't have the patience to do it, so are there others way to fix the problem?
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  1. I recently "drive sweeped" all that had to do with AMD - Display, and out of the blue it worked perfectly for 2 days straight (until today). I woke up, and played WoW for hours and when I decided to shut off the computer I saw that (!) sign on the shut down button in Start meny. Meaning it had updates. So I let it update (11 updates). After a while I put the computer back on and let it stay idle when suddenly it crashed. (same crash as always)

    It is a driver related issue, I wont even doubt that.. Even the company employees said so, when I called them 2 days ago. They said me to run Driver Sweeper because they said it was driver problem. Anyways, I got 11 new updates through windows updates, and some of them must have done something because it crashed again.. What do you guys think? should I send you the link of all the updates it installed?

    I also tried to restore to a previous time few hours ago, but I got an error saying it couldn't restore correctly.. :/

    Other than that, I am not buying a new card: Nvidia.
    AMD's radeon cards are insanly glitchy and faulty. I wont recommend buying it..

    Also plz dont delete this.
  2. ** SOLVED **

    How I did it:

    1. I did a normal uninstaller on my graphic drivers, then I booted my computer to Safe Mode.
    2. I installed Driver Sweeper and removed everything that had to do with AMD - Display in Safe Mode.
    3. I booted the computer and installed the newest drivers available (not in Safe Mode)
    4. I installed CCleaner (Business edition) and cleaned my registry and other trash

    Finally it have not crashed since then. But I did order a new GPU (MSI GTX 560Ti 2GB 880MHz). I'm done with everything that has to do with Radeon and ATI..

    If some one has the same problems as I did, follow these steps to fix it.
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