Strange electric noise HD6950

Hello guys. Recently i have noticed strange electric noise not 100% sure if its from the VC or PSU (both are 2 months old).
Gigabyte HD6950OC 1Gb
Fortron Epsilon 600W
So the story goes like this: I have reinstalled my w7 did the usual driver installs, some progs, restart and after i decided to run Win experience index, so i did and while it was running i did some dusting around my pc and i accidentally heard it. I have never noticed it before. It doesn't happen when i play games and etc, temps seem pretty fine 66-67 loaded, no noticeable artifacts.
Should i worry about that or its normal?
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  1. Drivers are useless to fixing such a problem, this is coil squeal and I suggest that you RMA as&p before the source of the problem fails. If the card goes or degrades at least it won't take out the rest of the system but if it is the psu then ditch it fast. I almost lost a $160 board because of the psu going out and by no means it wasn't a crap unit either. It sucks when a $210 NZXT 1000w gold unit fails.
  2. I was not trying to fix it its just a short story how i heard the noise :). I think it was there all the time. The interesting thing is that i heard the same noise from a Asus GTX550Ti TOP DC 1Gb ( my firend's pc ) and it was even louder than mine.
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