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Max safe temp under load?

I just finally got around to upgrading my stock cpu cooler on my phenom ii x4 955be 3.2ghz to a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus . I ran a quick 90min cpu stress test at full load and the temp never peaked above 50c. Im going to overlock but what is generally considered the max temp to take a cpu under full load/testing and have it still be safe? From what i know i would want to make sure it never exceds 65c, but maybe im wrong on that.

Keep in mind i dont have A/C and when i ran this last test at stock speeds it was 78degrees fahrenheit in my room. fall through winter it is maintained at an easy 68 degrees. So im more just worried about top temp during the summer.
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    62C is the max recommended temp for that CPU.
  2. Alright that should leave plenty room for some overclocking. I just realized the 50c max temp test was when i was running a test designed for maximum cpu temperature. Been running a basic full cpu load test and so far (20min in) it hasnt peaked over 45c
  3. Yep, looking good then. :)
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