Is the i3 processor good for video editing desktop

i just bought an i3 processor desktop but i meant to buy an i5, its 50 dollars more for the i5. I will be doing some video editing but no gaming. Should I go back and swap to the i5 or just keep the i3?
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  1. As good as the i3 w/hyper threading is, the i5 will be better.
    This is the slowest i3 and the lowest i5:
  2. I answered in the other thread because I didn't see this one immediately, lol, but my answer in the other thread basically coincides with clutchc's.
  3. Generally speaking the i5 will perform better than an i3 because Turbo Boost allows an i5 to automatically overclock itself above the stock speed based on the number of cores being used and the CPU's temp; at most 400MHz, at least 200MHz. Core i3 CPUs lack Turbo Boost.

    The i5 is also a quad core CPU, but not all codecs can use 4 cores when encoding / editing video. For example, the XviD codec really only uses one CPU core, not two cores as the developers claims. However, the H.264 codec can make use of 4 cores.
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