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6870 vs 6850 (460w PSU) or MSI GTX550 CYCLONE 2

well,,,,i just got my new pc!!!
MOBO GIGABYTE 880! standard little MOBO

and i made a mistake by buying a small case with a 460w PSU included!!!
it's cooler master 311 plus!!!
it's not a bad case,,,,,,,but it's just a small one with PSU,,,,so it was kinda expensive(including the standard PSU price)!!!
and i can't send it back,,,,,,so i have to get a GPU that doesn't require alot of Power!!!

i really would like to get the Sapphire Vapor-X 6870,,,,,but i heard that my PSU wouldn't handle it!!!
if not,,,,then i'll get 6850 or maybe i can go alittle cheaper and buy NVIDIA gtx 550 cyclone ii OC!!!

the prices varie alittle bit in my Region!!!

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    I have a Cooler Master 460watt PSU it is probably close to the same as the one that came in your case I run a GTX 275 which is a power hungry card and I have a Phenom II x4 Deneb OCed to 3.7ghz and it all runs just fine and stable on 24/7 for a year now. Stay away from the 550ti i it is a bum card and get the 6870 it is a really good card and dont worry about your PSU just use it and it will be just fine the 6870 is a very power efficient card.
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  3. thanks for the Replay,,,,,i think i will give it a try the next week!!! ;)
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