Buying my first Sound Card, Would like a Great Card, Tips Plz and Ty!

Hi all,

Okay so I've decided to take the plunge and treat myself to my very first sound card and headset experience. I've got a very nice rig, with the AS Rock Extreme7Gen3 MOBO and two gtx 580's with an i7 2700k cpu and ax 1200 psu. What I would like to add to my system........ is a sound card! I nearly bought the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HD card earlier today at the bestbuy in town, but soon discovered a far superior Computer store in town called Canada Computers that had this card on clearance for $99.99. They had a very exciting inventory of sound cards and headsets, so I decided to come home and do some research tonight before making my big purchase. I would like to get both a sound card and a headset!

Is this soundcard a steal, or are there better options?

The primary usage will be for gaming and music, but also for watching videos, and ultimately, I may incorporate into future plans of getting a full blown audio system (my speakers now are dismal, but one step at a time, yes?)

Headset wise, I would like a great gaming headset, but a headset that is great for hiphop music with nice bass. I know this decision alone is a tall order, since I spent hours researching bass headsets/gaming headsets already today.

If you guys could offer suggestions or a short list of decent sound cards and headsets, I would be very excited to hear what you experienced ppls recommendation.

My original plan was to get the Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HD Card, with the Senheiser PC 350 or PC360 (for gaming headset) and a Monster Inspirations headset (for music with good bass). Now I understand this is probably a lowsy choice for music, but I was limiting my research to bestbuy inventory at the time. The Canada Computers has all the superior brands like grado, audio-technica, akg, maybe ultrasone and shure, to name a few.

I don't mind spending around $300 for a good music headset, and maybe $200 ish for a gaming headset. I am assuming I can get a great sound card for $200, but I am not sure and am flexible.

I was also looking at the Bose quiet comfort 3, but I heard that the bass was not that amazing and something tells me that I can do better. If I did go this option, however, I could get a discount.

Thank you for your feedback, I am going to do some more research tonight/tomorrow morning and hopefully make my purchase sometime tomrrow afternoo < depending on results :) >
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  1. Oh and also, there was also a combo deal at the store for the ASUS Xonar Xense Premium Gaming PCI - E Audio Set with Senheiser PC 350 Xtreme Edition Headset for $280.00. But it was on clearance and no returns if purchased. Please advise :)
  2. What about the new ASUS Xonar Phoebus 24-bit 96KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Gaming Soundcard Set?

    I JUST saw a youtube unboxing of this and INSTANTLY fell in love. It even comes with a device that acts as a microphone without the need for having one on your headset. It looks sooooo cool, is this a good choice? Omg it loooks sooooo amazing, am I wrong??!!

    It's also only $200!! and if I got this, I could probably do away with bothering to get a headset with a mic, since this sound card comes with a microphone that sits on your desk, and then I could just opt for one really good headset for music, bass, and gaming all in one for around $300. I am not sure what headset is a good option though, what do you guys think so far? Thanks!
  3. At present my plan is to go and try out some of the following headsets at my local computer store. I picked out a few that appear to be in stock, and were featured in a cnet review:

    -Audio Technica ATH-A900X - Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Headphones $320.00
    -AIAIAI TMA-1 - DJ Headphone w/ Mic (Black) $220.00
    -Audio Technica ATH-M50, Professional Closed-Back Studio $180.00
    -Sennheiser HD 598 - Open Circumaural Headphones with E.A.R. Technology for Outstanding Sonic Accuracy and Clarity $300.00
    -Shure SRH550DJ - Professional Quality DJ Headphones $100

    I will assume they are fairly priced and take one of the more expensive ones home for testing. Are these suitable candidates?

    As for the sound card, I will give a chance for more feedback and either opt for the new Asus Phoebus card, or whatever alternative/superior choice be suggested. Again my budget for a headset and sound card is around $600.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys for thoughts on this,

    Thanks again,
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    You appear to have concentrated on music headsets. There are some really good 3d gaming headsets around and toms has done several reviews recently.

    Try this one for a start.


  5. Hey all, I just got back and have now picked up the new Phoebus card and a pair of Razer Tiamat 7.1's. While Canada Computers did have the AKG 701's in online stock, I was happy to be able to grab the Tiamat's on the spot. I am now wondering whether I would be better served to keep the Tiamat's, or to return them and order a pair of AKG 701's. One thing to consider is that the AKG 701's are $400 while the Razer is $180. Do yall think I made a good decision with the headset? This is my first sound card purchase after all, I am not sure what to expect :) I do know that I will not open the box until I hear feedback, as I am perfectly willing to be patient.

    The 2 options I see right now are:

    A) Keep the Razer Tiamat 7.1 as a gaming headset, and see how it does with music/bass on the Phoebus card, and if need be invest in a dedicated music headset in the near future or
    B) Return the Tiamat, and order a pair of AKG 701's to pair with the Phoebus.

    What would you guys do? I guess what I'm thinking is, I don't want to waste the Phoebus on a headset that is inadequate, but I also saw good review on the Tiamat and like gaming.. and the phoebus is a gaming card. :)
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  6. Update: I'm keeping the Tiamat and will be looking for good stereo headsets to invest in, for the near future. I am thinking AKG 701's, feel free to lemme know if you have any good choices around $300-$400. Thanks!
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