Best Bang For Buck Gaming Rig - May 2012! (Ivy Bridge + Kepler/Island)

Hey Guys,

I do a full PC upgrade every 4 to 5 years. The time has come to retire my Q6600 build. I've researched a good amount and have already bought some stuff. Please take a look and advice, especially on the "Left To Buy" items!

Already Own:

Mouse: Logitech G400
Mouse Pad: SteelSeries QcK+
Keyboard: Generic Logitech
Soundcard: X-Fi Titanium HD
Speakers: Corsair SP2500
Heatsink: Corsair CAFA70
Thermal Paste: Arctic Cooling Arctic MX-4
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 750W (should be enough - right?)
Dual-Monitors: HP Zr24w (IPS) + Samsung S23A750D (120hz)

Left To Buy:

Motherboard: Intel Z77 right? No idea which.

- Maybe ASRock Z77 Extreme4/Extreme6? $130 - $170.
- I don't need anything too fancy..or extra ports.

Graphic Card: Radeon HD 7870, 7950, 7970 or NVIDIA GTX 660Ti, 670, 680???

- I'm willing to spend a little extra here, due to the fact that I have a 120hz monitor. I can "see" up to it's important I get a strong GPU. Also, I do not like Dual-GPU no Crossfire/SLI for me.
- GTX 680 is $500..tempting..but is it really worth it?
- I actually upgraded my Geforce 8800GT to a GTX 570 for BF3...but I'm thinking about selling the GTX 570 (I got it for $240!) to getting something better.

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K...$225

- This is considered similar to the i5-2500k right? Best bang for buck CPU??
- Ivy Bridge i7 still not worth it for gamers - correct?

Memory: 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600...$45.

- Any reason for 16gb? Doubt it, but thought I ask.

Case: I currently have an Antec 1200..but I am slightly tempted to get a new case if it's worth it.

- Maybe the CM Storm Trooper, Storm Enforcer, Rosewill Thor v2, Corsair 650D/600T/500R, or NZXT Switch 810. What do you guys think?

SSD: 256gb..either Crucial M4, Corsair Performance Pro, Plexor M3 Pro, Samsung 830, or Vertex 4...$250-$300.

- I realize 256gb SDD might not be considered "best bang for buck"..but I want all my programs and games on 1 drive..I don't like space management. 128gb is not enough for me.

Let me know what you think so far of the build. All comments/advice are welcomed! Thanks.
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  1. Best answer
    Asrock Z77 extreme 4-Can't go wrong with this board.
    CPU: yeah, 3570k is still the best for games.
    GPU: I recommend you wait until may to see what Nvidia has to offer. If you can't wait, definitely go for the 680.
    Case: The Corsair 600T is a brilliant case, tbh all your choices are excellent, up to you on cases.
    SSD: Go for Crucial. They have a great record of reliability and quality.
    Ram: 8GB will be fine.
  2. ^ good stuff. thanks for your advice.
  3. /bump for good measure.
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  5. I can only imagine how nice of a gaming setup you have :o
    Nice build btw.
  6. You can't get a 680 for 500, not even close.
  7. it should be $499 when its back in stock...or so it claims:
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