3d Rendering (Vray): 3770k vs 3930k

I'm currently using an i7-930 (2.8ghz); which is nice, but I've been in want of a faster chip. Hex-core would be great either for the bonus threads, or assigning 4 cores for rendering while using the other 2 for multitasking.

So is the price difference worth going up to the 3930k? As for cooling I might do a slight overclock --- the current [liquid] cooler I'm set on is a CoolIT ECO II-240, which is apparently identical to the H100.

Last option is wait till Haswell is out, but I don't believe they'll be selling hex-cores till a while after initial release.
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  1. I would first overclock to 4ghz and see how much faster VRay can render, then determine if you want to upgrade. Honestly I'd wait until Haswell, or the more premium 6 core Haswell chips come out.
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