Has my CPU all of a sudden died"?

So long story short, I bought a new video card and it wasn't working as it kept cutting out so thereafter I noticed that the card wasn't properly seated. I had wires all over the place inside the case so I decided to clean em up.

Now I took most of the innards apart while routing cable etc but I didn't touch the CPU nor the h50 that's sitting on top. Long story short when I went to turn on the pc, I noticed there was a red light on my motherboard.(ASus crosshairs iv formula)that the cpu part hat stayed a solid redd and the pc won't start. Well the fans and all that run just the problematic CPU

I tried twice more and nothing. I re planted the h50 without the thermal
Since it was still nice and wasnt hardnstnsll....And nothing , CPU light still on,

All I get is the red light...what does this mean..."?
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    This may sound really stupid

    but did you remember to plug the CPU power cable back in?
  2. You know....That DOES sound stupid LOL......I was stuck for a good 3hrs, last night after I posted, I went to sleep,woke up thinking " did I connect the CPU power???" then I said " nah that couldn't be it "

    Then I saw your message and I'm like " wtf is wrong that can't be it "

    I say to myself, let me check I've done everything else....and sure enough, that was it LOL.........
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