Worried About Turning on New System

'm getting my final part (CPU, 2500k) in the mail in in a few days. I'm excited and scared. I'm scared because I've spent nearly 2000 dollars on this computer and I don't want it to start smoking or break. My friend said that It won't start smoking because its dedicated. I've already hooked everything up and wired everything to power and mobo, all thats left is the cpu, which comes with a stock fan. I'm fairly confident that everything has been hooked up properly. When I get the CPU should I just pop it in with the fan, and turn the computer on?

What should I expect?

Here's a Picture of My Computer. Does it look like everything will work fine?
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  1. I just put my computer together a few days ago. (mine was only $1000 but still I was scared to ;) )

    If your sure everything is hooked up right, as long as you didn't static shock any parts while putting it together it should be all good to go. Your biggest problem later may be software/boot problems than actual hardware (I'm having this problem with my build atm). You could have faulty hardware as well, in which case your computer won't start up properly or at all and you might have to return some parts. I found out I had faulty ram and had to get a new set.

    Really, your computer won't explode or catch fire :lol: and you won't know if anything is wrong until you start it up :)

    You should post your parts for your build btw. It would make it possible for more experienced people to tell you of the potential problems that might happen.
  2. Your airflow is going to suck. Anyway to route the cables behind?
  3. gary1 said:
    Your airflow is going to suck. Anyway to route the cables behind?

    Yes there is. Working on it right now.


    - i5 2500k CPU

    -Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 560ti 900mhz.

    -Asrock Gen3 Extreme3 Z68 Mobo

    - Corsair GS800W PSU

    - 16GB Corsair 1600mhz DDR3 RAM

    -Crucial 128GB SSD

    - Western Digital Caviar 7200RPM 1TB Drive
  4. Very nice first build. Enjoy it.
  5. The gpu will slide right in, then screw down. Simple :)

    Install latest driver from Nvidia ofc.

    Nice build ^_^. I like most of your choices, only complaint would be the dated psu.

    Where do you live btw? $2000 is a little high but understandable for some people.

    BTW You will probably have a much easier time hiding the cables it you remove the black plastic cover from around them :p
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