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Hey everyone. I just bought a Alienware M17X R3 which is absolutely an amazing gaming laptop and have no problems what so ever with it, but I still want to build myself a gaming desktop and use the laptop for if I am not home or just dont feel like being on my desktop. I want to build an i7 water cooled desktop but I am stuck if whether or not I should just do it now with the i7 2700k and gtx 580 or wait until ivy bridge and gtx 680/690 release since if I am waiting for one I mine as well go for both. I am getting impatient because I want to build the dream gaming desktop but feel like if I do it now when next gen. hardware is right around the corner, I will regret it. Help guys! What should I do? lol
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  1. Okay that is actually the answer I wanted to hear. I was thinking to wait til April-ish to build it but sometimes I just get so impulsive and spend money without thinking and weighing pros and cons. So I just needed to hear it from somebody else. Looks like I am going to wait for the better stuff ;)
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