Cpu Problem I think

i have a problem with bf3 i have a specs of computer are

Cpu: AMD Phenonm II x6 1045t @2.7ghz
Gpu: evga gtx 560ti @850Mhz stock clock
Ram: 10gb ddr3 @1333mhz im pretty sure
Mobo: Msi 760gm-51 bios 3.4 lastest version
Psu: 500 watt lepa

so my issue with bf3 is when i overclock my cpu i can get 60fps on high but when its stock i paly around 20 to 30fps on smae settings so what could be casueing problems for me plz help

Thank you
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  1. bottleneck in default clock , cpu speed is not balance with 560ti
  2. 1 - Your RAM is not in dual channel so your losing efficiency there

    2 - What resolution you play at? That card can't get 60FPS constant at high on 1920X1080 no matter what CPU it is with.

    3 - Stop posting the identical topic again and again just because you didnt get the answer you wanted in prior posts.

    4 - OC'ing that CPU will not gain a 30 - 40 FPS change like you claim. Your doing something wrong somewhere if that change is truthful. From your prior posts and the way you cant even set up dual channel RAM I suggest you go find a professional and ask them to physically come and help you.
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