CPU/MotherBoard fried? Im not sure... Some help is needed Thanks!!

So i have a AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition with ASUS M4A89GTD PRO and a Galaxy GeForce GTX460 Super OC 1GB with like 8 GB of RAM.

So Im not sure what is wrong with my computer but i will explain what happen. So on one night, i was closing my computer cause i left it on for a few days. When i was closing my computer, the fan was spinning extra fast cause it was trying to cool off my CPU, im assuming. Because everytime i play games on it, it turns really fast while as i dont have much programs running, the fan spins normal.

The next morning i was trying to open my computer, it opened but there was no "beep" and the screen was black. So i went to the back of my power supply (OCZ Z-Series 550W 80+) and hit the on and off main switch a few times and try to start it up but it still have that problem. So then i popped it open to check if my CPU fan was still running. So then i turned off my main power bar and wait like 10min+.

Afterwards i turned back my power bar on but now my power supply doesnt even turn on anymore. So then i thought my power supply was busted so the next day i went to the store and got a new 1. But after i plugged everything back, it is still giving me the same problem. So i tried testing my ram but it was fine. However, i havnt tested my GPU cause i dont have an extra computer to try it on and i dont have an extra GPU to test my Motherboard/CPU on. So im kinda stuck on what to do at this point. So my question is, did i short circuit something or what happen? Thank you for anyone who read this!

PS: I did not disable the "beep" noise in BIOS.
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  1. Might be the motherboard. I have yet to see a Phenom II CPU fry because of heat, I have seen them run into the 70c's with out a problem, so I really don't think it the CPU. If you have another modo to try the CPU in, I would try that.
  2. I see, so your saying the CPU cant fry because of overheating? Even if it is still hot and isnt cooled down? Unfortunately, i dont have another motherboard to try my CPU on. But I thought if the motherboard has problems, then even the CPU would also be useless right? If so, is it possible to salvage my other parts to use for my new built computer? What do you think i should do? Thank you~

    And also if i didnt mention this already, there are no Post Beep when i turn on my computer.
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