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So I have a 7950 on the way and I'm looking into Eyefinity. I have 1 Samsung P2350 (23in) and 1 Samsung P2770 (27in). They're both 1920x1080, so if I get another monitor with the same resolution I should be able to do the standard 5760x1080. My question is, what should I do about the 3rd monitor? The P2350's aren't being sold anymore. Luckily they're still producing 23in that look very similar to the old style, but they're all LED now. My older monitors are standard LCDs. Will having a LED monitor make it stand out compared to the others? Will I be able to calibrate them to look identical (something I would assume is critical for Eyefinity gaming)?

Also, has anyone tried a setup with 2x smaller and 1x larger monitors? Does it look weird? Are you happy with the way it works or does the size difference distract you? Is it not worth using Eyefinity unless all of the monitors are identical?

LED Monitor:

My 23in LCD:

My 27in LCD:
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  1. any 23" supporting 1080P would look good

    23" 27" 23"

    are either of your current monitors Display Port Native?

    i have 22" 27" 22" and it looks great. you focus on the middle screen and the side monitors are just for peripheral vision
  2. No, one is VGA/DVI and the other is DVI/HDMI. I purchased 2 active DP->DVI converters (Sapphire) when I ordered my graphics card.
  3. ah k cool. ull only need to use 1 but its good to have a spare.

    worth looking at a 23" with Native DP so u dont need the adapters tho. specially if its not much more in price.
  4. As far as I can tell none of the newer Samsungs come with DP. I did get 2 just so I have a spare or in case I need an extra. The screen I'm looking at now (link below) is VGA/HDMI only, which seems to be the standard for Samsung right now. My biggest issue with it is it's LED back-lit, which is great, but I'm thinking it would look really awkward with my standard LCDs.

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