6 monitors with 2 radeon 5850?

Can I run 6 monitors with 2 radeon 5850 (non crossfire) ?
Will I run into issues with stretching the desktop across all 6 monitors?

I currently have 1 radeon 5850 and I want the cheapest way to add 3 more monitors. I already have the monitors, and another 5850 will cost $100 used.
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  1. why not just crossfire them?

    either way it should work.
  2. because they can only run 3 if i crossfire, or so I was told.
  3. yes thats correct. as soon as you enable crossfire you CANNOT use the outputs from the 2nd card.

    if its not for gaming you dont even need another 5850, any PCI-Express card with 3 monitor ports will do.

    the advantage to getting a 2nd 5850 is if u decide to drop back to 3 monitors you can enable X-Fire and get quite a nice boost in performance.
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