Computer freezes/lags with shuttering sound

Prebuilt Asus
CPU: I3 2120
Mobo: ?
GPU: GT 9600 (bought separately)
PSU: ? (weird PSU, couldn't find the wattage)
HDD: 1.5T WD Caviar Green?

A few days ago, I moved my little brother's prebuilt Asus computer to my other case (NZXT Gamma Classic) for better airflow since his computer run really hot (not a lot of room inside the Asus case since it's a micro atx and no case fan). After I moved every components over, the computer started to have sudden quick freezes/lags with shuttering sound (usually in successions). It happened while internet browsing, listening to music, gaming, and even idling (nothing opened except for background tasks, I could tell by the mouse lag). Checking the CPU and GPU temperature, they seemed to be in the normal range with CPU was at 45C idling and GPU at 60C (after I changed the thermal compound on GPU, it dropped to 45-50C). I also wants to note that none of this never happened before I changed the case).

Here's what I tried so far:

Reseat all the cables and components.
Unplugged all the cables from the NZXT case leaving only the power switch (since it only happened after I switched to a new case).
Reinstalled and updated graphic and sound drivers (I uninstall with Control Panel first, then Device Manager, clean with Driver Sweeper).
Reapplied thermal compound on GPU to bring its temperature down.
Used a different PSU (CM GX 650w bronze). However, the screen got red lines tearing all over the screen and sometimes black screen.
Replaced the GPU with my EVGA GTX 670 FTW while using the CM 650w. Computer turned on normally and was fined playing Batman Arkham City. Start playing League of Legends and the freezes happened again (after this, I put my brother's components back together).
Switched the memory stick to a different slot (mobo has two slots)
Restored to factory setting.

Currently cleaning up window with a wash disc then will attempt to reinstall window. If this doesn't work, I guess the only other thing I could do is to reset CMOS (should have done that before reinstalling window). Or I could try to put it back into the old case (I doubt it will be any help).

I also wants to point out is that the only I change I made to the system beside the case is the extension for the CPU power cable (bought one cause the cable originally isn't long enough to reach the slot with the new case). I also highly doubt that it's the culprit since I already switched my 650w PSU over to test my brother's system.

If the reinstalling window doesn't help, I don't know what else to do. I tried to help my little brother but turned out ruining his system :( (also I'm pretty sure I ground myself while switching the components).
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  1. my computer is doing the exact same thing but only when league of ledgends is open but this happen after the day where it was extremely hot and so i put and fan on with wet towels around it to cool off the room so there was alot of moisture in my room so this could be an hardware problem.
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