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I have an old Dell Inspiron 6000, which I have found has 2 memory slots, a capacity of 2gb of memory, and uses 200 pin DDR2 RAM, 533 MHz. If I were to use memory that is a HIGHER MHz rating, such as 667 MHz or 800 MHz? There is almost no inventory of 533 MHz but lots of 667 and 800. Also, is there any benefit to using one 2gb stick vs two 1gb sticks?
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  1. I have an inspiron 6000, that I upgraded the ram on . I bought a 1gb ddr2 800 to repace my 2 ddr2 533 modules. The ram basically just throttles down to the approprate speed, but the 800mhz was the cheapest ( and yes 533Mhz is hard to find). The advantage of a pair as opposed to one is that you will then run in dual channel mode which proovided a slight performance gain
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