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Posted the exact same thing somewhere else on this world wide web... But I would be interrested to see your opinion on this forum, got good comments on you guys. Anyway, here is my question.

I hate prebuilt computers. Really. But I was out of this hardware-big-game for way too long now (last time I opened up a PC other than for the regular cleanup was back when a powerful PC was running on a P4 with 2gb ram). Now I have a HP e9260f, featuring a i5-750,8GB RAM and a Nvidia GT 230 (wtf). Thinking about upgrading my GPU to something a bit better, at least to be able to play the latest games smoother... (just tried playing Crysis 2 last week, could only have playable rates at the lowest graphic settings).

Thing is my PSU only drives 350W. After a bit of digging (tried to do my homework before anything else), I was thinking about getting a Corsair CX500 or 600 and upgrading to something like GTX 560 Ti. Got something to offer that would be better than this? Or something cheaper than 560 that would be better bang-for-the-buck? Thanks in advance!

Other option I see would be to start building some kind of "frankenbuild" with some parts of the HP (something implying keeping the RAM, CPU, BR-writer and HDDs), changing the mobo for something to be able to SLI two cards, but I doubt about the feasability.

Sorry if this sounds noobish, I kind of are. I really am retarded over this, even back then I wasn't that serious about it, and I now have a lot to learn again to be able to catch up on what I missed out all these years in the hardware stuff.
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  1. You really should invest in a new system... just my opinion though (:
  2. kinda out of option honestly, as the budget doesnt (and wont in the near future...) allow this. The specs aren't half bad IMO, the i5-750 with 8gb ram kinda satisfies me, and rebuilding the whole thing is a huge time investment is a bit terrifying as this PC also serves as a studio build, as my main "working" system. I'm just looking to have some good quality gaming with the most recent games and the get 230 is really pulling me back on that now, some recent games barely run as good as I would want them to now. I never was a real hardcore gamer type, "regular" high quality satisfies me (read that I don't care too much for all settings to be at extre high in every damn game), but I never could for a long time now. The only "recent" game I could push to its limits is Mass Effect 2 (and to be honest, the game is not known to be a particular resource hog...). I can put in 2-300$ right now, and that really turns down a lot of options. I think a new psu and a good graphics would be my best option right now, or if you see another option that would fit in my budget, I'm all opened to suggestions!

    Thanks in advance!
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    An i5-750 is plenty for gaming. My personal choice would be :

    6870 (best performance vs price ratio card on the market right now) The Sapphire version is a bit more expensive and probably better. I wouldn't invest in something too powerful since your CPU can't be overclocked (thanks HP) and a 6870 will give you a very smooth gameplay experience.

    CX500 or CX600 (500W would be enough but if you want to spend the extra 10-15 bucks, it can't hurt.)

    Good luck ;)
  4. As I understand from what you tell me, I wouldn't see a big difference putting in the 50$ more and get the 560 Ti because I can't OC (yeah, thanks HP... why did I get this desktop in the first place...)? This one seemed to be well appreciated overall from what I could gather on Google.

    Damn, I'd love to have a couple hundred more and start playing with hardware like I used to do. I stopped to do it just before dual core/SLI-crossfire stuff started to pop-out... Now I feel like I'm in a complete other galaxy. I never went as far as OC, back then, from what I can remember, any OC immediately meant investing in a better cooling system.
  5. Finally went your way and bought a Sapphire 6870 with a Corsair CX600. Pretty happy with it right now, but I still hate this goddamn HP. Fuc**** cluttered and no place to work with in this damn thing, might not be good for heating issues... I'm kind of tempted to start building a new thing soon, even if it's gonna be a medium/long-term project... Tempted to start checking on those Crossfire/SLI thingy.
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  7. Haha I feel you, built my first full computer this summer and it makes everything so much easier when it comes to upgrades and customizing. If/when you decide to build one, I suggest you go for a single powerful card and a power supply that can handle 2 of those. Once you feel your single card is starting to struggle, you just get another one ;)
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