Computer Freezing after replacing some hardware

Hi all,
So I decided to upgrade the processor and mobo in my computer and also get an SSD, however I am having some problems with my new build.

The Problem:

After installing Windows on my SSD, I noticed that when my computer is doing quite a lot of things (e.g turning on and all my startup programs boot up), my cursor will jerk around the screen and any audio being played will break up. Also, when I launched Team Fortress 2 for the first time on my new build, I alt-tabbed out and everything became unresponsive apart from my cursor, although when I did Ctrl+Alt+Delete everything was fine, I managed to switch user and shutdown safely without a problem.

When using the computer normally, browsing websites and all that, if I'm listening to music it still manages to break up and crackle at certain intervals (around every 5 seconds).

Another thing to note is that the stock fan on the FX-8120 is very very loud and changes speed a lot (e.g load a website it will speed up and then speed down again), not sure if this is normal but I do plan on investing in water cooling soon as I know the stock fans are rubbish. The temperature on the FX-8120 hasn't exceeded 61C with me yet, it only got to that when I ran the Windows Experience Index test.

I didn't have any of these problems with my old build and without an SSD, everything was nice and smooth.

Upgraded Components:

Processor: Upgraded from an AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.5Ghz to an AMD FX-8120 Bulldozer 3.1Ghz
Motherboard: Upgraded from a Gigabyte M68MT-S2P to a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
SSD: Corsair Force3 120GB

Other components:

Hard Drive: Samsung F3 1TB
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD6870 Dirt3 Flex Edition

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated as always! Thanks! :)
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  1. Hmm, I hope you can RMA that SSD, thats what it sound like it may be, If you have another Sata cable I would try that, and make sure that the sata port is handle the data of the SSD, like if its a sata III SSD, plug it into a Sata III port on the board.

    Also if you have an empty HDD, install windows on that and see if it still freezes up on ya. In bios make sure AHCI mode for the Hard drive mode is enabled for the SSD.
  2. Try updating BIOS and check you have all up-to-date drivers. as Viking said, might be worth installing Windows on the HDD and seeing if that gives you the same issues.
  3. Whats the exact model number on your SDD ? Did you check to see that the latest firmware was installed on the SSD also ?
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