What Should I Upgrade First?


I have recently been having problems with my PC and think it is time for an upgrade anyway... the only problem is $$$.

My current specs:

XFX 8800 GTS 512 MB

P5N-t Deluxe

2GB RAM (1GBx2) DDR2

Two 596GB HD

200GB HD

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel Case

Approximate Purchase Date: Somewhere this or next month..

Budget Range: Hopefully less than $800/900 max $1000.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, movies, internet.

Parts Not Required: Sound card (Your opinion for gaming?), Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Case (Unless the Antec Nine Hundred is not big enough), OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: NewEgg.

Country: United States.

Parts Preferences: Still wanting to stick by Nvidia, but have been impressed by the 7850 for GPU. I would like to try another Asus motherboard.

Overclocking: Yes.

SLI or Crossfire: No.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60Hz

Additional Comments: Hoping this thing can run BF3 on ultra at least.. I don't need to have 50 FPS but at least something bearable to play on without lagging. I was wondering if HDD's from 2008 are slower than, for example, this one I found on NewEgg.

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  1. I have some generic PSU so it would be time to upgrade that too anyway. I really liked the setup you posted there, but I realized I may have exaggerated my budget. I will for sure buy the 2500k and the EVO.

    I have read that the Z77 is no different than Z68 and was looking at the ASrock Extreme 3 Gen3 for about 120. Now I am stuck on what I buy.

    As for the GPU I know it is strong, but what do you think about the 7850 or 7870. Can it still run BF3 on ultra?

    Like said before I may have gone over my budget but 800 or less would work.
  2. I wouldn't waste the money on a gtx480. It's 2 generations old at this point. :heink:
  3. Quote:
    Typical answer from inexperience.
    The 480 is a monster even today in performance terms, this can be had for a cost that is well worth looking at.
    It can max BF3 easy and even max all other games too with fps enough for a smooth experience.
    Bang for buck the 480 is in it's own league.

  4. I really like the 480 and how strong it is.. I live hearing how great it performs in games then when I hear how people complain about the heat and noise, I start to look at other cards. I really would love to get this card.. Spending 210 for close to 580 performance would be great.. I just keep hearing this crap about it reaching a 100 C on BF3 and it having to use a 700 W PSU. It is now only 210 on Newegg and really would want to get it if enough people convinced me.

    How does it compete against a 570?
  5. Can you tell me the differences in temp between the 480 and 570? I am really looking at the 570 at this point but I will still give the 480 a chance.
  6. Ugh now I am back to where I started..

    I also like looking at the warranties the cards have.. 480 is 3 years while the 570 is lifetime.. Do you think there would be any reason to get the 570 because of the lifetime? This is probably my first and last build I will ever make. I am 15 now and with all the bills I have to pay later on I doubt I will ever build another rig. I always like the lifetime warranties because I just feel safer with it.. I had my 8800 GTS for 4 years but I never worried the warranty until it started breaking down on me..

    The $210 480 and the $270 570.. really hard choice to make though.. that extra $60 would come in handy..

    I have also been thinking of how long the 480 will be on sale.. If the price goes back up to $300, would there be any point in getting it still with the 570 being at $270?

    I also have a question that I thought about.. If I were to buy the 480 and didn't like it, does EVGA have the step up program on all cards or just the newer ones?

    Seeing from some of your posts as well, the 480 + 570 compare pretty close in terms of performance (I hope or else I misunderstood). Most of you are vouching for the 480 and I am really confused now..

    Could I possibly get one or two fans and slap it on the 480 to make it cooler?

    Would my Antec Nine Hundred case also have good airflow (It is a 4 year old case but still going)

    Thank you for your help guys.
  7. Ok steering back into the 480 again.. Like I asked before do the warranties really matter? I mean in 3 years probably there will be newer stuff and that I could hopefully buy it so is worth taking the 570 just for the warranty?

    I just saw a video of the 480 vs 580 on Crysis and both were running pretty close to each other.. Can I have some more benchmarks on the 480 for BF3 or Metro 2033?

    Also like I asked before.. I have a problem with my budget now.. I only have $200 while the other components I want will cost more.. I tried thinking of a plan on what to get first..

    I could buy the 480 if I were to get it now.. the $10 I can get..

    But then I got the CPU, PSU, RAM, HDD to worry about.. what do I get?

    And for the PSU for the 480.. what do you guys recommend? Going over would not kill me, right? I would just like to be on the safe side and get a little more if you recommend it. I would prefer to stick to some PSU with a 5+ year warranty.. not needed but I would like it. Also Corsair or SeaSonic PSU would be prefered.

    Edit: Where on earth can you find some 480 fans? They are out of stock everywhere here. And as for the cooling and stuff.. I will be getting as many fans as possible.. would you recommend the EVO for my CPU fan and can someone just recommend me a normal case fan?
  8. Well I thought about it for a while, but I have decided to go with the 570. I know the 480 is much more powerful but the heat would really be an issue.

    What do you guys recommend for my other components?
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