Urgent help needed please ...

My PC will not even power on.

The last things I did were to install McAfee, and then, using the system provided tool, called TURBOEVO, I tried to set the PC to a higher clockspeed (it gave me two options and I chose the higher one). The computer shut down and will not start now. There is power getting to the MOBO (I see the lights), but I can't even start it using the "Start" button built into the board (or the normal power button on the front of the Tower)

ASUS Rampage IV Formula
Intel i7 Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 2011 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor)
Brand new -- been in use for 2 days
16GB g.skill RAM
Running/Booting of an SSD

I have no clue what to do since it won't even power on.

Any suggestions? This is just plain odd and I am very nervous :-/

Thanks in advance
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  1. reset bios, and you should be ok, unless turboevo set voltages too high, but that shouldn't kill it in seconds.
  2. I have pulled all devices except the GPU
    I have reset the CMOS (button on back)
    Reset the Bios
    Used the q-reset button and the Go Button
    Still nothing

    Only thing I can think is to remove the gpu, pull out the MOBO and make sure it's not shorted somehow ... but my mobo power lights are on, so I am not sure how that could happen if the mobo is shorted ??

    Thanks again for your help
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    I would take out everything except CPU and RAM (CPU has an integrated GPU) and try again, if not try without ram then one ram stick at a time to narrow down the problem. as 13thmonkey said, it could have set the voltages to high, but your mobo should have a regulator in
  4. Does that asus have the indictaor lights on the board, what does it say it is stuck at?
  5. What about the brand and wattage of your PSU?
  6. 13thmonkey said:
    Does that asus have the indictaor lights on the board, what does it say it is stuck at?

    Yes it has an LED readout, and the read remains blank no matter what I do. I can't even get it to post so I can watch where it gets stuck.

    I just got off the phone with ASUS support and they have asked me to send it back :(

    2 weeks! :(
  7. if its 2 days old you can take it to where you brought it?
  8. Monkey; thanks for all your help. I bought it from NewEgg, so unless I want to drive to New Jersey ... I checked their return policy, and with restocking, shipping and turn around times, it was cheaper to send it to Asus (which has a repair depot in Markham, Ont -- pretty close to me here)
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