System not booting, fan cdrom hdd starting, no display, no beeps, no power light

Im having a new sort of problem on my system. On pressing the power on button, the fan starts, hdd start whirring, cdrom comes on, but the monitor has no display, the cabinet power light does not turn on, and there are no beeps.

Ive changed the motherboard power cells, tried swapping rams, and unplugged hdd and tried to boot. Same result.

Can someone advise?
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  1. Standard debugging is to remove parts until the MB posts. You know that when it beeps.

    Remove all USB + network attached device. No beep? Continue

    Remove all PCI & PCIe cards from the PC. Do you get the no video beep? No Continue. (If it posted, then isolate which card made it fail. Sometime reseating the card fixes the problem)

    Remove all memory from the system. Do you get the no memory beep ? Yes, isolate the failing DIMM. No, at this point all you have is the MB, case, PSU, CPU and wires from the MB to the power switch, front panel audio, etc. IF it doesn't post then you need to remove the MB from the case and try it with just the PSU, MB and CPU. If it doesn't beep then replace the power supply. If it still doesn't beep replace the MB. It's never the CPU.

    Here is a great reference, you might want to follow it first. Be funny if you were just missing the 4 pin MB power connector.
  2. Thanks tsnor, I will try this out!
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