BF3 crashing?

Alright so to make this short and sweet.

i7 2700k oced to 4.5 ghz
HD 7970
Asus maximus 4 extreme z
2 sticks of 4 gigs each of ddr 3 g skill 1600
1050 psu
corsair H80

for some reason, if i overclock my video card, BF3 crashes. i can play every other game, but for some reason, it wont play if its over clocked, if i go back to default, it plays fine. usually itll crash when i try to launch from battle log.

Over clock ios stable, ran through 4 different Benchmarks.
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  1. anyone?
  2. Temp on GPU and Overclock settings and Overclocking software?
  3. its not the temp, or overclock. thought i was pretty clear on that.

    ended up being a game issue, they came out with a patch for BF3 that adds more stability with BF3. got my overclock even higher and game runs butter smooth now.
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