HDMI audio not plugged in

Hey guys, I quit. I've been trying to solve this for a couple of days now and I can't seem to get it to work.

I've downloaded drivers, deleted drivers, tried the visiontek hd4350 drivers, latest catalyst drivers and updated the realtek audio drivers. And it still just won't work. The picture sure is pretty, but I'm not getting any audio to come through it.

On the tv when I press input it says HDMI(DVI) but that makes no sense since I'm using HDMI to HDMI. Theres only one HDMI port on the TV so I disconnected the end from the computer and hooked it up to the xbox and it works fine and recognizes it as an HDMI signal. So I am lost on what is going on here. The TV is a InFocus ScreenPlay 61md10 Projection TV (if it can recognize the HDMI on an Xbox I don't see why it cant recognize the HDMI signal from a 2010 graphics card.)

On catalyst when I hover over the TV(its just named HDTV, no brand or model number, just HDTV) it shows DTV,DVI,Duplicate.

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  1. This is a driver issue from what i've had happen, try a few older drivers. Usually a restart after a driver install or update fixes it for me.
  2. what you got when you press hdmi and look under configure or properties
  3. grrrrr it gives me this when I connect my HDMI to HDMI cable.

    This is all that shows.

  4. if you press properties, when you see ati hdmi controller what you got and thejack information for hdmi digital jack is black see if you get something for this also look it did not see the cable connect to the graphic card hdmi port
  5. This is what the back looks like

    I turned on the computer with the HDMI plugged in here's what happens.

    Thats what it says when I hover over the second panel icon.

    If I click the other icons on the left it takes me to what to those settings, but when I click the HDMI icon in the bottom it doesn't do anything at all.
  6. first in catalyst you got second monitor as duplicate and visiontek talk about extended for the second monitor,http://www.visiontek.com/support/downloads/manuals.html also you card blue slot vga middle slot hdmi and white slot dvi-i so for hdmi you need to plug in the middle slot and set monitor in catalyst because hdmi is not on check your hdmi cable
  7. Even in extended there was no audio. Everything was plugged in right and correctly, I guess either it was my TV or I was missing a file or two on computer.

    I just gave up and bought a dvi to hdmi converter and all is well in the world. Audio is now working.
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