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Recently two MSI LGA 775 mobos crapped out. So I have a spare e4300 (can be OC'ed to 3.7Ghz), e2200 (can be OC'ed to 3.3Ghz) and about 8 GB of DDR 2 (4x2GB) 800 RAM.

I'm not one to waste, but I've noticed a signifigant lack of LGA 775 mobos here. Only have the DDR3 variety here.

I'm going to America at the end of the year, I can order one now, wait for relatives in America to keep it until I arrive in case they run out of stock, but it will kill my warranty.

Question is: What should I do? Buy a LGA 775 with DDR2 in America without warranty, buy a LGA 775 mobo in Australia with DDR3 but with warranty or scrap it and buy a new cheap CPU + mobo + RAM?
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  1. If you have a tight budget, a new DDR3 mobo and DDR3 ram would not cost as much as you may think, it would also give a good boost to your system. The cost of a DDR2 mobo is around the same as a DDR3 mobo (with a wider selection) and DDR3 ram is dirt cheap. With DDR3 @1333MHz you would also almost double your ram frequency (speed).

    On the other hand if you do have a larger budget you could go with the second option.
  2. Problem is, most LGA 775 motherboards only support DDR3-800 and 1066, possibly 1333 if I overclock.

    I just don't want to waste the DDR2 I have. I know 4GB of DDR3 is about $25, but that's still 50% more than just paying $50 for a mobo.
  3. I'd upgrade. While repairing your rig might still serve your needs, you'll be happy with the increased speed of an upgrade. When your EOL rig dies it's always a sign to upgrade :)
  4. I don't know much about what the market translates to in terms of Australias market, but I know its annoying to scrap perfectly good parts, unfortunately, its almost always more cost effective and advantageous in performance to scrap the dinosaur and start fresh.
  5. I'd price an intel I3 based solution (I3-2120, MB, 8 GB ram) and see how it compares to getting a new lga775 soln. Performance will be substantially different.

    Alternatively, EBAY is the answer for lga775 ddr2 MBs.
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