Noise problem with 7970

Hey everyone,

I started noticing a strange noise while playing games. At first I tought it was the fan on the Videocard, but later on I found it was Coil whine. I have a brand new 7970 and the noise stops when I stop playing games, but when I start up it comes back and sometimes even worse.

Has anybody a solution? I really like the cards performance so I rather solve it if possible instead of returning it.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. manually set the fan speed higher and lower and see if the noise comes back at a certain speed and above
  2. Thanks for the tip, but it isnt the fan which is making the strange noise, its the video card which whines, not the fan on it..
  3. same problem with me but its very noticeable when running the heaven benchmark. try it...
  4. Now thats an horrible sound,I am getting quite annoyed by it because its the most expensive part I have in my PC and I had to wait a really long time to get it

    So no one has a solution? I have a corsair carbide 500r case which doesnt isolate that well, maybe another case?
  5. I don't have the same problem, contact teh manufacturer if it bothers you that much and get a new one.
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