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I just purchased a Netgear 3500 Gigabyte router. The NetGear site indicates that their 3500v2 supports Window 7 but I cannot determine when they will support the 3500 I own. Anyone Know? Read a review that my version can be installed MANUALLY. Any COMMENTS? Next driver problem... Neither the NetGear nor the Lynksys wireless adaptors have Windows 7 drivers(dualband, rangemax, gigagyte adaptors).
Any suggestions?
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  1. yeah, first, what version of win 7? 32-bit or 64-bit?

    Then i would try the Vista drivers for whatever version you are running.

    Example: If you are rrunning Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit, try the Vista 64-bit drivers, this worked with alot of people that had driver issues during the RC phase, it held them over till Win 7 ported over the certified drivers.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply jonpaul37. Answer=64 bit. Using the Vista 64-bit drivers looks like a good idea. Any problems with this approach that you are aware of? Any idea if the router and adapter drivers will be ported over?
    Thanks again.
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    not that i have seen, but if there is, you can always delete the drivers using driversweeper.

    if you have an issue, delete the drivers using the add & remove programs, then boot uo into safe mode, then delete the drivers using driver sweeper, then boot back normally and install.
  4. OK..I will take your advice. Or, I may just drill small holes in the floor and run 60 feet of eithernet cord to my DSL modem and return the netgear router untill drivers are available. Not very elegant, but... Thanks for your help.
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