Net-SNMP Questions from a newbie

I am using "Net-SNMP" in Windows for the first time in my life and I have some questions.
(I am from sweden if you think I write strange)

To start Net-SNMP
1. I open the first command prompt and start NET-SNMP with snmpd.
2. I open a second command prompt to fill in the commands.

I type the commands in the command prompt in Windows, and have succeeded with some.

To find out how long the system has been running:
snmpget-v 2c-c password system.sysUpTime.0
DISMAN-EVENT-MIB:: sysUpTimeInstance = timeticks: (185 843) 0:30:58.43

To obtain information on the system:
snmpwalk-v 2c-c lösenord127.0.0.1 systems

But how do I get:
snmpwalk on the node ip
snmpwalk on the node interface
snmpwalk on the node udp
snmpwalk on the node tcp

And when I try to print out, I do like this (But it does´t work ?):
snmpwalk-v 2c-c password systems> system.txt

I hope anyone have the time to help this Swedish newbie, Thanks.
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    That site might help you out.

    What are you running this on?
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