Is my onboard gpu good enough?

i bulit a pc and left out a gpu because i dont really play games. well my motherboard has a bulit in hdmi or vga no dvi i went to the store to but a dvi to hdmi converter and the sales guy told me i was better off spending an extra 20 (converter was 20 video card is 40) to get a video card so i bought it. After i left i felt that maybe i was told bs tends to happen alot. so my question is it better to take the gpu back and get the converter or keep it. the video card is evga 8400gs 1gb my current pc has

Motherboard MSI 880GM-E41
Cpu AMD Phenom II 2.6
Ram 16bg DDR3 1333
Moniter dell s2309w

so will the gforce 8400 gs (1bg pci-e 2.0) even have a benefit or am i better off just getting the dvi to hdmi converter
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  1. 8400GS is and was garbage. Even buying it just for the DVI port is a waste of money. Something like the GT520 would better...
    Like this one:
  2. You only need an adapter and that costs $5. The integrated can handle hd movies, flash games, surfing, office, etc.
  3. you got told BS. the 8400 isn't even really better than your on board gpu for video tasks...

    return it and get a converter, probably should even just buy from somewhere else cause $20 for a hdmi to dvi converter is a ripoff.
  4. Video wise dvi and hdmi are very similar just hdmi carries audio. So you should be able to use a hdmi to dvi converter or even a hdmi to dvi cable for video. For video playback and what not the onboard is fine. Most video decoding is done by your cpu anyway. A decent cpu like what you have should be able to decode any media type without help from the video card.
  5. thank you everyone i returned it and bought the converter
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