Old IDE's to new Sata II

In my pc I had 2 160GB IDE hdd's, one which had windows 7 on it and the other I used for installing programs and other data.
I have a new 750GB sataII hdd which I have installed, on this I cloned the old hdd which had windows 7 on it and removed the old drive from the system, all well and good everything works well....
My question is... is it possible to partition the new sata drive and clone my old IDE drive with the programs and data on it and then remove the IDE drive, will my programs still run or is it more complicated than that I know there could be registry problems, but would the pc accept the new partition as the old drive.
any help would be gratefully accepted.
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  1. Your ide drive should have a jumper; set it as master if you want it as a boot device or slave as a secondary drive. Your system won't boot if you have more than one master hardrive, so I would suggest you connect the secondary drive after windows has booted; for sata, windows should make it a secondary drive without doing anything special; for older ide drives, the jumper should be in the correct position; the jumper settings may be on the drive label, or you can look the jumper up online using the drive model number. After cloning a new ssd, I disconnect my old drive to save energy. If your old drive was set as master before you cloned it, it will boot up as a master drive if your new drive fails; I use my old sata drive as backup; if my ssd fails, I simply disconnect it and connect my old drive. It will boot up as master again. I've had two ssd's fail, both replaced under warranty.
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