Best graphics card for around $200?

What is the best graphics card i can get for preferably under $200? I play games like Battlefield 3, can be slightly over $200 if its that much better. Site i would like it from is Newegg or Amazon
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  1. I would suggest the 6870 2GB version.

    Although the 1GB version is great too.

    If you can get the rebate it is an awesome deal. But even if you can't, you will still be getting the best performance/cost mid-ranged card available.
  2. If you are in no big hurry, I would say wait for the 78xx series. Only because: 1. Prices of the 6xxx series will go down. 2. You may decide to get the 7850 ($200 estimated) that will be much more powerful.
  3. the 560ti is probably the best card arround $200
  4. After rebate this Galaxy GTX 560 Ti is $199 with free shipping. It comes factory overclocked with a nice custom cooler:
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