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Possible to sli near identical models

i have a zotac GTX560 at certain dimensions, they no longer make that card but still make a GTX560 with the EXACT same specs on EVERYTHING including the mhz for the core clock and memory... i mean IDENTICAL... the only difference appears to be the card dimensions phsyically, and the placement of the fan.... can i buy this "other" GTX560 made by ZOTAC (same as my current) and SLI them together?
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  1. yes its possible, you can even sli a card from another maker with it.

    Just make sure its the same card.
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    It only needs to be the same GPU, manufacturer doesn't matter. Make sure your motherboard supports SLI and your power supply is enough to handle the load.
  3. It has to be the same GPU (i.e. GF114) and same Memory Interface Width (i.e. 256-bit). Graphics card manufacturer can be different.

    If you try to run a GeForce GTX 560 and a GeForce GTX 560 (OEM) in 2-way SLI mode it's not going to work even though they are both GeForce GTX 560 cards.

    The GeForce GTX 560 (OEM) is actually based on the GF110 GPU and has a wider Memory Interface Width (i.e. 320-bit) and only uses one 6-pin Supplementary Power Connector.
  4. well, i stuck w/ the exact same model... SLI is great... but HEAT is an issue... because these particular type of ZOTAC GTX560s heat sink and fan are not designed to be stack... SO, i bought an ANTEC Spot Cool fan that attached to the MOBO and swivel necked it between the HDD bays and the two stacked video cards.... just to keep air flow moving, it went from an average of 95 degree C (and slowly climbing) to a steady 83 degree C... and it's not getting any hotter... thanks for the info and help.. hope my "end story" helps someone else
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