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Can someone identify these graphics ports?

Hi community I need your help once again,

My friend's new Asus ASUS PA246Q IPS arrived today so I told her to use DisplayPort or at the least Dual Link DVI to connect to her laptop, which has a GeForce GT 230M. Before organising the monitor for her, I had checked the specs page of the graphics card and it listed there that both DVI-D and DP are supported.

The trouble is she cannot get any of the cables from the new display to fit in any of the ports of the laptop, except for VGA which is not so good for a monitor of this calibre.

I am hoping that this issue can be resolved by just buying an adaptor of some kind, I don't know.

Anyway, here's a photo of the ports on the GT 230M. Could someone tell me what these are (apart from VGA)?

Thanks heaps.

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    From Right to Left VGA/Network/HDMI/Combo USB and E-SATA.. The HDMI is the one you wand I dont see the display Port it says it has. If she has a high quality minotor it should have an HDMI port.

  2. Thanks mate!
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