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I'm not doing much right now just downloading a game and surfing the website. I am just concerned about my CPU temperatures. I haven't overclocked it or anything. My computer is fairly new as I just had built it. I am using an aftermarket cooler, the cooler master hyper 212 plus and its thermal compound. I am using core temp to check my CPU temperatures and here are the readings.

Core 0 37-44c min:37c max:44c
Core 1 38-46c min:38c max:46c
Core 2 35-41c min:35c max:41c
Core 3 35-41c min:35c max:41c

The load for each core is jumping around. Sometimes it would go in the 10s, 20s, and 30s. Rarely it would go above 40%.
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    your temps are fine, i have the same set up
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