will the dg35ec mobo and Radeon hd 7770 gpu work together for at least a month until i get a new mobo/processor/ram. i just want to play some games like borderlands (1&2) until i save up enough money for a new mobo and processor. if there are any other things that you need to know about my system for compatibility issues with this gpu just ask and ill post my full system. btw i am upgrading my gpu because the 8500gt sucks at everything but minecraft lol! ;)
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    Yeah, it should work just fine. The x16 PCIe slot is 2.0, so there shouldn't be any issues at all (if it was a 1.0 slot, there might have been an issue, but I don't see any reason it won't work).
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  3. thx! i just ordered it form newegg
  4. You're welcome. :)
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