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Hi guys.

I have a dilemma. I have an Asus Rampage III Gene (mATX) paired with a Silverstone FT03B chassis, and because the PCIE slots are next to each other, when I run my MSI GTX560 Ti Hawk together, one of them overheats incredibly quickly - it gets almost no airflow because the other card blocks it. Hence my problem.

Therefore I am selling them to a buddy who has a regular ATX board (that I sold him), and they'll run fine for him.

What I would like to know is if I should get a nice GTX580 such as the MSI Lightning (or Lightning XE) or go with the EVGA GTX560Ti 2win (2 560 Ti on one board). What do you guys recommend? It is my understanding that the 560Ti 2Win has 2GB of VRAM but it can only use 1GB at once? I don't understand this. In any case, reviews show it to be about 30% faster than a GTX 580.. On the other hand, the Lightning has 1.5GB (and the XE has 3GB), so for 'futureproofing' would I be doing myself a favor by getting a board that can use up to 3GB of VRAM at once, or would I be better off with the 2win? Both are single-card solutions to my problem. Also...

I want to stay with a single card setup so I can avoid the overheating issue, but if there are other dual-GPU boards out there around $500, and that offer very good performance when paired with a Core i7 920 and 6GB of Corsair Dominator, I am definitely all ears!! I don't know much about the 600-series Kepler boards that are in the works, and I'd like to snag a new board in the next week or two.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. I haven't read much about the 560ti 2win, so I can't speak to that one way or another.

    However, I will say that for that price you could almost get an HD 7970, which I imagine will beat it (7970 trades blows with 560ti SLI).

    Don't get a GTX 580... the HD 7950 is a better card at a lower price point - it's a much better buy. If you want a high end nVidia card, you should hold off on a purchase for a few months until their high end GTX 6xx cards surface.
  2. run one card until the 600s come out soon.
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