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Hey guys, just wanted to know if it would make sense to buy a new laptop with the upgrade option for a slower quad core i7 processor(ivy bridge) or would it make sense to remain with the base option on a faster(3.1Ghz) quad core i5 processor. And anyone has any issues with the sony vaio e-series with ivy bridge processors?
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    All mobile Core i5 CPUs are dual core only. Mobile i7 CPU are quad core CPUs only if they have the "QM" designation. Otherwise, they too are just dual core CPUs.

    Which CPU is better depends on what you plan on doing. For most people a faster dual core i5 CPU is better than a slower quad core i7 CPU.
  2. Unless Intel has yet again changed things, it should be.

    Pentium = dual core
    I3 = dual core + hyperthreading
    I5 = dual core + hyperthreading + turbo core
    I7 = same as I5 but higher clocks or a quad core + hyperthreading and turbo

    It's probably just best to get the CPU model numbers for us to help you compare them.
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  4. i7-3612QM and i5-3210M both Ivy bridge
    (And as I said before, All AutoCAD suites, Autodesk products, graphics design, Crysis, COD MW3, Bf3, Halo 2, ETC.)
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