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I5-3570k idle temps

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August 4, 2012 8:32:45 PM

I just got my 3570k yesterday and put everything together. After installing everything I download coretemp/realtemp and checked my idles. For some reason my core #0 is quite a bit higher than the rest.
core#0 34c
core#1 24c
core#2 26c
core#3 24c
package temp 34c

I did some load testing with prime and these were the max temps after an hour:
core#0 54c
core#1 54c
core#2 54c
core#3 49c
package temp 54c

Pretty much the same on load except for that rogue core#3. I thought it may just be a bad seating of my Hyper 212+ so I took it off and checked the paste(only a few hours after I had put it on). There were a few gaps in the heat pipes and part of the IHS didn't have paste on it. So I touched it up with a little more thermal paste and figured that I had fixed it. When I booted it up, I get the same behavior just a little cooler on both idle and load.

core#0 32c
core#1 22c
core#2 24c
core#3 22c
package temp 33c

core#0 52c
core#1 52c
core#2 52c
core#3 48c
package temp 52c

Is this normal for an Ivy Bridge cpu or is it possible that I just messed up putting on the heatsink/paste?

**All temps are from stock speed and voltage. Temps act the same with 4.2ghz overclock at 1.08v except load is around 60c.

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August 4, 2012 8:49:15 PM

That's normal, yes. My 2500K has two rogue cores; one that's always a few degrees warmer than the others and one that's always a few degrees cooler. (For me it's Cores 0 (the cool one) and 1 (the "hot" one))

Nothing to worry about.