Gaming PC build for a noobie

Hi there
been saving for a while to build a rig capable of playing skyrim on high/ultra settings.
pretty new to PC gaming and have been reading as much as i can but still confused on a few bits.
Ive used the format below as a best guess build so far.

Approximate Purchase Date: this week if possible - have a few days to setup
Budget Range: (e.g.: $1500 (australian) happy to go slightly over if noticeably better

System Usage from Most to Least Important: SKYRIM - thats all ill be playing initially, have a laptop for work etc.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers. happy to plug into TV at present, will save up for a nicer dedicated monitor.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: probably going to visit a computer components store rather than internet - but happy to use internet if components can be delivered this week.

Country: Australia, Melbourne

Parts Preferences: can be convinced either way if theres a good reason

Overclocking: not sure yet - from what i understand not necessary at present
SLI or Crossfire: not at the moment

Monitor Resolution: dont know yet

Additional Comments: really not bothered by what the computer looks like/sounds like etc, as long as i can make skyrim look good!

my intial thoughts after lots of reading, but nothing is for definite yet:

CPU: core i5-2500k
HDD: Western Digital 2 TB SATA 6GB/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache desktop Hard Drive WD2002FAEX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x 4 GB sticks
DVD: not fussed - no need for blue ray etc
Case: Cooler Master HAF Mid-tower
presumably windows7 64bit if it offers any advantage over earlier versions?

just wondered if its worth storing the OS as well as the game files on SSD - will this result in noticeably faster in game speed etc? would happily not get the other harddrive until later if all im doing is using it for skyrim
also wondering if anyone recommends after market cooling - or is this not necessary if im not going to overclock?

any help much appreciated,


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  1. After market cooling doesn't always have to be about over clocking. Some people get it just to satisfy their Idle temp and max temps frenzy. Plus you don't have to spend 150$ on a after market cooler. Most good ones can be purchased for 50$ or less.

    I see your build is already set correctly. Except you have a few questions....

    Let's answer them real quick:
    Windows 7 isn't the only OS to run the game, but however it makes it easier to play Skyrim on. Windows 7 is a OS you will very much like. My mother was using XP before until i upgraded her to a Windows 7 Machine and she has already gotten used to it.

    Your SSD is a 120GB? That will be plenty enough to Just play Skyrim and put your OS on. Then you can use your Western Digital as a storage drive. Personally i would just go with 3 120 GB's that each cost 130-150 and run a RAID. But you don't really need it.

    I don't quite understand if your trying to find a DVD Drive? not fussed? I don't quite understand you on that... But a simple 50$ DVD drive will do for just movies and games..

    I got my DVD write master for 20$ and its done all i need
  2. if this is your first build to make it easer on yourself buy a mid tower case. it might be larger that you want but it be easer to work on with the extra room. having the os and game files on the ssd will make the os and game load up real fast. the diffence between window version is the amount of ram there set up to use. windows 7 cap is 16 gigs. windows me was 780 megs.
    (dont jump to windows 8 intill you tried it it more for tablets and phones then desktops.) using it with a mouse some people dont like it..the start button is gone.). with the build before you buy check that the ram is on the mb tested list. some ram will post fine but can cause issue. also buy a good named brand power supply. a lot of the low end clones are from china are relabeled 500w ps.
    look at the ripple under load...less is better and how well a power supply under load holds up the 3/5/12 volt rails.
    good power supply vendors will put the extra 5 dollars on name brand caps. with any pc dont overload the power supply to save a few bucks. buy a larger one then needed so that when you game load the system you want get lock up or the power supply over heat and shut down.
  3. Hi there, thanks for the speedy replies!

    re: dvd drive - sorry i should have explained better. I meant i wasnt fussed about blue ray or anything fancy. A cheap DVD drive should do the job just fine.
    re: the hard drives - i think ill just go with the SSD and get a storage drive later - cheers.
    re: the power supply and RAM compatibility ill look into it - thanks for the ehads up.
    re: the tower case - any suggestions?
    and i think ill go with windows 7 to finish it off with

    thanks again for your help guys, i know a lot of people ask for help on these kind of posts, its much appreciated.

  4. The Lite-On 24x DVD Burner is only $18 and should be just fine.
    That sounds like a good plan to me.
    For case, I personally have the 500R and it is very easy to use.
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