Can I upgrade an q6700 intel core 2 quad processor


I'm a casual gamer, in a guild that raids 16 person content in SWTOR. This computer was more than adequate for WoW but I'm finding myself with very low fps whenever I'm in higher traffic areas or in raid ("Ops") content.

I'd prefer to avoid purchasing a new computer for the next year - I'm undergoing surgery and have expenses related to that which preclude the purchase of a brand new machine.

This computer is four and a half years old, the video card was upgraded to a GTX 460 (the best card I could fit into the smaller case) and the power supply had to be upgraded as a result.

I have a good monitor, an HP w2408 wide LCD (at least it seems more than adequate) I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade the processor - motherboard and processor, chipset and memory, while leaving all else intact and obtain a reasonable upgrade in performance.

Otherwise even with retaining the newer (well, at least not old) video card, power supply, Corsair 650 or 750, necessary to support the newer video card) parts, and the monitor, I'd be looking at 1500 dollars - not a very large sum, but with current expenses and only one of us working, still an ideally avoidable sum.

Thanks for any and all help.

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  1. Depending on the motherboard you have now, you may be able to go to a 3.0GHZ Q9650. I believe that was about the top C2Q for the 775 socket. (I remember some Q97xx processors, but never see them anymore.) But the difference probably wouldn't be enough to make you happy.

    Again, depending on what case you have, you may be able to drop in a 1155 socket motherboard, i3 or i5 processor, and some DDR3 memory. That would give you much more headroom for your existing and future graphic card(s). Let us know what case you are planning on using... and which PSU you are going to be using.
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