Game performance getting worse when switching from moniter to TV

Greetings all. I have a question regarding my gaming experience. When playing on my 22inch 1080 moniter, it runs fine at max settings. But when i hook my rig up to my 47inch 1080 TV i cant run it at max settings. I have to tweek it to get it to run smoothly. Any ideas on how to resolve the problem?
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  1. The problem is that TVs typically have slower refresh rates than monitors. Even if your TV has a "gaming mode" switch, it will still be slower. I also read somewhere that it has something to do with screen size in addition to resolution, but I can no longer find the link.
  2. Are you hooking it up to your monitor and your tv via different cables?

    Without knowing a single thing about your system, I'd guess that it's cloning the main display over the television display and that's eating up memory and causing it to spend the extra effort to copy the frame buffer to a second device.

    It could also be that your TV is 1080i not 1080p (I don't know because I don't have the model number), and that's causing it to try to render in interlace, which could cause all sorts of issues.
  3. This is mainly caused, if the output resolution of your graphics card doesn't match your TV's exact resolution. Like MagicPants mentioned, 1080i is not equal to 1080p and a lot of TVs don't even have that, but lower resolution.
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