Usb3-usb2 header adapter

hi, does adapter that converts 19-pin usb 3 header to 9-pin usb 2 header exist? i want to use a usb 3 internal cable on mobo that only has usb 2 internal header. it would be a passive adapter with 19-pin male usb 3 & 9-pin female usb 2

alternatively, something like nzxt aperture will do, but without the memory card reader function

and just want to make sure, the pinout of usb 3 internal header is standardized right?

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  2. aren't those female usb 3 connectors?
  3. It is an adapter for connecting USB 3.0 to a motherboard that only has USB 2.0 header.

    Check out this Corsair video on You Tube:
  4. lol, i feel dumb for not googling first, such adapter actually has been around quite long

    unfortunately, both corsair carbide & obsidian usb 3 kits aren't available in my country, other vendors?

    btw, is there a variant that's not with the cable, just the connectors like those dvi-hdmi adapters, i just want to expand my options?
  5. I do not think there is an adapter without the cable.

    The adapters are included with some new pc cases. Antec, Corsair, and Lian Li are including the adapter. I don't know if other companies are including them.

    If you have a PCI-e slot available your other option is to purchse a PCI-e card with a USB 3.0 internal header.
  6. ok, that's it, thanks johnny
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